BALL BETS available at the SBOBET AGENT are indeed various types, one type of bet that is often played is the Mix Parlay bet. Mix Parlay is a type of BETTING where the bettor is required to choose 3 teams from 3 matches that will take place.In this mix parlay game, the bettor can choose the ball market such as Over Under, Total Goals, and so on. In calculating the profit it is different from the others because it depends on the value of the odds and the amount of your bet, and each multiplication result must be reduced by 1. So players must choose at least 3 teams to mix parlay such as handicap, over under, or odd even, After you choose 3 teams the mix parlay value will appear, for example 8,031, then this odds will be multiplied by your bet amount. An example to calculate your profit is if on Asian soccer betting you bet 100,000 and the three teams you choose win, the result is 100,000 x (8,031 – 1) = 7,031 then the profit you get is 703,100.


The above calculation is not only for the 3 teams you choose to win. What if the bettor chooses 4 teams and one of the teams draws? If the 4 teams you choose draw, then what counts is the winning team you choose, for example:

  1. Germany VS Brazil = 2.01 the team you choose wins
  2. Spain vs Netherlands = 1.89 the team you choose wins
  3. Italy VS Uruguay = 1.96 the team you choose wins

Then how to calculate it is 2.01 x 1.89 x 1.96 = 7,455 and your bet amount is 50. Then the result you can get is (7,455 – 1) x 50 = 322.29. The calculation method for Mix Parlay is indeed confusing for beginners, even though the total calculation is done automatically by the agent, but you as a member must know how to calculate it because it does not rule out automatic calculation errors and you can report it to the agent / site if an error occurs. To make it easier to calculate your income, you only need to focus on the team you choose and win, because of course the profit calculated is only the team that wins and also depends on the odds and the amount of your bet using the formula that has been given. As a BALL JUDI player you are advised not to be able to just play but also understand the calculation method so that you can monitor the benefits you can get.

So much discussion from me this time, hopefully it can be useful and add to your insight all, for your attention, I thank you.

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